Ribbon necklace.

I’ve been seeing these necklaces all over Etsy (for $20 or more!), and thought I’d try to make my own. I mean, really, I’m not paying that kind of cash for something I can make for free! I just so happened to have ribbon, pearls, and thread on hand. So the grand total is.. $0!
What you’ll need:
Ribbon (I used grosgrain, I suggest using satin or sheer, I was just using what was on hand)
Beads or pearls
Needle and thread in coordinating colors

Ready to get started? Take your ribbon and unwind it partially from the spool. You don’t want to do any cutting yet, because you’re going to want to measure it once you’ve got your beads on. About 8-12 inches into the ribbon, secure your thread by sewing back and forth a few times. Make sure your thread is VERY secure, the last thing you want is for your necklace to break and have pearls flying everywhere. String your first pearl onto the thread, and sew back through the ribbon. 

I went about 1 cm between stitches, because that was just enough to wrap around my pearl. It’ll depend on how large your beads are though. 

Once you’ve got all your beads on, pull the thread tight and secure your thread again by sewing back and forth a few times. It should look something like this when you’re done. 

Now bring the end of the ribbon around your neck, decide how long you want it, and where you want it to tie, and cut it. Make sure to leave enough room to tie a bow with it! Hit the ends with a lighter, and you’re done.

I also decided to make one using the sheer pink ribbon I have.

ETA, this would also make an adorable bracelet! I might just have to make one!


10 thoughts on “Ribbon necklace.

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  2. YES it would make a cute bracelet, you totally have to make a matching set. I've seen those too and thought they were expensive, but I liked how they looked like something my daughter could easily get on and off and not worry about breaking the chain, or in this case ribbon. I am so going to make her a few. Thanks for the tute, making it look very simple! So glad you added this to A Crafty Soiree!

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