Sassy Chic Apron

My lovely friend Brittany, modeling the apron!
So I was thinking to myself the other day, I must have this angelic, well behaved child in order to get so many craft projects done during the day.
Yup, must be well behaved..
Okay, maybe not well behaved, but at least she keeps herself occupied, right?
That’s not where the flip flop goes, Emma.
So on to the apron! I’ve seen so many cute aprons out there, some that were supposed to look like dresses, some that were frilly. I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted it to look like, so I started off with a quick sketch.
Lay your fabric out flat, print side down, sketch your pattern onto the fabric, and cut it out. I had to hold my fabric up to my body a few times to get the length right, but in the end, it was pretty spot on for what I wanted it to be.
For the neck straps, I cut mine the length of the bolt of fabric, and then in half. This gave me two straps the same length. Keep in mind when cutting your straps, you need to make the fabric strips twice as wide as you want the straps.
For the waist strap, I cut two strips the same width and sewed them together to be twice as long. 
For the ruffle, I did the same as with the waist, but planned to trim it once I figured out how long I needed it. 
There’s two different way to sew straps, and I tried both to see which was easier. For the neck straps, I tried sewing it inside out, and turning it right side in. Top stitch, and done. This took a long time to do.
The next thing I tried was sewing it exactly how you’ll see it, but flipping the edges in, and sewing it. This was MUCH easier and faster. Plus, when you do it that way, half of your top stitch is already done.
The ruffle doesn’t need to be two sided like the straps do, because you’ll only ever see the front of it. So with this, I just hemmed one side of it. On the other side, I did a loose stitch, and pulled the thread to make it scrunch. You can find more details on how to do that here.
Give your apron a nice hem along the sides, and then sew the straps on. 
I sewed my neck straps at a slight angle since that’s how they’ll be tied. If you don’t do this, the front of your apron will pucker out once you tie it around your neck.

Sew the ruffle on, with the unhemmed edge in the back. 

Snip any last pieces of trailing thread, and you’re done!


12 thoughts on “Sassy Chic Apron

  1. Ahh i cant find for the day i can just whip something up! The apron turned out gorgeous!I am hosting my own link up party Sew Crafty Saturday would love it if you stopped by and linked up :) @ Sew Chic and Unique

  2. Love it! I have some fabric that I bought 2 months ago to make a apron. Now that I've found an idea I like its time to sew! Visiting from

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