Boppy Cover

If you’ve been following my blog, you might know that we’ve got a baby boy due in January! I’ve been preparing all the things I can, and trying to pinch pennies by making my own baby items. I recently got myself a Boppy at a rummage sale for a whopping $3 (normally $20ish). This one is old and ugly, and needed a cover. In the store, covers start at about $15 (for the not so cute, plain ones), and $20+ for the cute ones. Obviously I saw this as another craft opportunity! 
What you’ll need:
Boppy (or cover, to trace)
Sewing machine and thread
Spread out your fabric (pattern side down) and place your boppy or cover on it. I used a cover that my sister had, so it would be the most accurate. I traced it, leaving about a 1/2 inch seem allowance (or more, if you’re only tracing the Boppy). This will be side number 1.
I cut out side number 1, and used it to trace side number 2. Since most Boppy covers have a zipper, I had to figure out a way to get it to close. I designed side number 2 to have flap that will close with velcro. For side number 2, you need to trace the legs of the “U” shape to be the same size as side number 1.
About 2-3 inches from the inside of the “U”, make a mark. This is where you’re going to end up cutting it. Mark it in a couple places so that your cut is even the whole way across.
Where your marks are (your imaginary line), continue the line across, to be about an inch wider than the cover, like this.
Continue to trace the Boppy cover, leaving about an inch or more allowance. You want the most allowance at the bottom of the “U”, about 2 inches. I didn’t have quite enough fabric to do that, so mine was a little bit snug around that area. Leaving the extra 2 inches will ensure that the flap will overlap. 
Now cut out your last 2 pieces. You fabric should look like this.
Hem the 2 pieces from side number 2, like this.
Pin your fabric together, pattern sides together. Pin the bottom of the “U” first, and then, slightly overlapping, pin down the legs of the “U”. 

Time to sew! Sew around the edges. Flip it right side out, and fit it to your Boppy. Mine looked a little funny at first, but the upper flap stretched over the lower flap just fine, so that’s where I added my velcro. Make a note of how far it will stretch and what will be the most comfortable fit. Take the cover off the boppy, sew on the velcro, and then try it on again! I think mine turned out to be pretty cute!


7 thoughts on “Boppy Cover

  1. I love that fabric! What a great way to save some $$$. I have no idea why Boppy's are so expensive! It doesn't make any sense, they're just pillows! Have fun getting ready for your little man!

  2. Great cover and not only did you save money you got a much cuter cover then the premade ones at the store. Yes they have cover options but it woulnd't have been as nice. Your little boy will love snuggling up against it. Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! Hope you'll join us at the newest one, it begins tomorrow!

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