Burlap Purse

Alright, so I saw this Burlap purse at La Maison Reid, and thought it was SO cute, I had to make one for myself. I looooove big purses, so I made some adjustments to her design and got to work. It didn’t turn out perfect, and if I had more raw materials to work with, I think it would have turned out a little better. I was working with leftover Burlap I had laying around, and found some fabric for my liner. I have no idea how it happened, but somehow the liner got sewed in inside out. I placed it in there the proper way, but I think I had to take it out for something, and when I put it back in, I obviously wasn’t paying much attention! I wasn’t happy with the fabric I chose anyway, since again, it was just scrap fabric I had laying around. I’m going to cut the liner out and replace it with something that goes a little better with the Burlap. I’d definitely like to make another, with some different colored burlap (I really like that chocolate brown color) and some different patterns. My sister showed some interest in one, think I can convince her? Keep watching for a tutorial sometime in the next few weeks, I might be making another one!


16 thoughts on “Burlap Purse

  1. Absolutely adorable! I love the ruffles and the flower- they add such a cute touch! Isn't burlap wonderful? ;)I have bookmarked this, I will be checking back often for that tutorial!

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