Knock off Owl Hat

I keep seeing these adorable crocheted Owl Hats on Etsy, they’re SOOO cute! 
I don’t know how to crochet though, but I considered learning just so I could make one. And then I saw this hat at All Things Heart and Home made by Robin.
How cute is that? It just so happened that I had a Kufi hat sitting around, and I always have scrap fabric, so I got to work! Here’s some pictures from the process of making it.
For they eyes, I took a rectangle of fabric, folded it in half, and did a loose stitch along the edge. Pull it tight, and sew your edges together. I made 2 large ones (cut the fabric at the same time so you’re sure to have 2 eyes that are the same size), and 2 small ones.
For the tufts on the ears, I took this stretchy knitted material and cut strips, tying them together in the center. For the ears, I made triangles, and sewed them pattern side in, with the tufts in between. Turn it right side out and you’ve got an ear!
I also decided to make ear flaps. I cut out 4 half oval shapes. For the braids, I used the same knitted pink material, braided it together, and sewed it into my ear flaps.
For the nose, I just cut out a basic triangle and did a zig zag stitch. I had problems getting such a small piece of fabric to go through my machine without getting sucked in, so I cut out a piece of cardstock the same shape, and sewed it together. Worked like a charm!

Sew on the eyes, nose, ear flaps, and ears, and it’s done!


20 thoughts on “Knock off Owl Hat

  1. I just found your blog & I LOVE IT!!! I just read through all of your past posts & I'm looking forward to using some of your tutorials! You're amazing! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. So Cute!! Thank you! I would love to crochet one but can't so to use a premade one is awesome. Making one for my niece for Christmas. New Follower now thru Keeping it Simple. Come visit me sometime and follow back if you would like.Blessings!Denise

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