Mosaic Jello

I saw this recipe on Our Best Bites a while ago and have been looking for an occasion to make it. The opportunity finally came up! I love how you can customize the colors for any holiday (Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, football season, ect). My mom suggested I make it for Easter with pastel colors. I’m thinking about making it for Independence Day with red and blue jello. It was a little sweet, though, so I’m thinking about 1: using sugar free jello next time (although there’s less color and flavor options) and 2: maybe substituting the sweetened condensed milk for something else (like coconut milk?).
What You’ll Need:
4-5 boxes of Jell-O
2 pkgs Unflavored Gelatin (2 Tbps)
14 oz. can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
Before you start: leave yourself enough time to make this dish. The Jell-O takes 4+ hours to set, and it needs to set twice. I started the first step in the morning, and did step 2 later that night. The following day it was ready to cut into squares.
Step 1: 
Boil a pot of water on the stove. You’ll need 4-5 cups (depending on how many packages of Jell-O you prepare), and a little extra to compensate for evaporation while it’s boiling. I just boiled a large pot of water; it was easier to dip my measuring cup into it to get what I needed, rather than pouring it out of the pot.
Prepare your tupperware. Once the Jell-O is mixed, it will be roughly 1 1/3 cups of liquid, so you don’t need anything too large. I used random sizes of tupperware that I had sitting around. Spray the tupperware lightly with pan spray. 
Once your water has come to a boil, measure out 1 cup. Mix in a packet of Jell-O and stir to dissolve. Once it has completely dissolved (I gave it a good 5 minutes, stirring randomly), pour it into one of your lightly sprayed tupperware containers. Repeat this step for all of your packages of Jell-O. 
Place in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours, preferably over night.
Step 2: 
Sprinkle your gelatin over 1/2 cup of cold water. 
Let it sit for 5 or more minutes to bloom.
While that’s sitting, boil 1 1/2 cups of water. When the water comes to a boil, mix it with the bloomed gelatin. Let it dissolve, roughly 5 minutes.
Add in the sweetened condensed milk and stir to combine. Set aside to cool.
Take your set Jell-O from the fridge. Cut each color into cubes. 
Prepare a 9×13 pan by lightly spraying it with pan spray. Dump each color of Jell-O into the prepared pan. Mix the colors by lightly tossing with your hands.
Once the milk mixture has cooled, pour it on top of your cubed Jell-O. Let it set in the fridge for 4+ hours. 
Once it’s set, cut into cubes and serve.

22 thoughts on “Mosaic Jello

  1. Oh my gosh! How pretty and creative. Even the pictures are so cool! I love the picture of the all the rainbow colors in your pan before adding the milk mixture. I need to make this. Thanks for the tutorial.xo,Senap.s you're right, you can make it for so many occasions: pink and red for valentines day, red and green for christmas, even Halloween colors!

  2. What a clever idea! I am a new follower and I would love if you linked this up to my Made by Little Hands linky party [for kids] tomorrow! Thanks so much!

  3. That turned out SO pretty! I made the sweetened condensed jellp for the first time last week, and I agree: too sweet. Previously, we have always used yogurt my aunt uses sour cream… But they all have dairy, which will be hard for you now… The sugar free jello might help.Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

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  5. I just did the first half of this recipe tonight. I used four flavors of sugar-free jello: orange, lime, strawberry, and raspberry. I messed with the colors a bit (i.e., I added blue to the raspberry because I wanted purple instead of two reds). Oh yeah, my objective is a jello-spiked “fruitcake”, so I added pineapple rum as the cold liquid. I’ll finish it tomorrow. The comment about using coconut milk instead of condensed (although I already bough condensed) is compelling. I intend to make the “grout” using coconut rum (for a piña colada feel) and I may bail on the condensed milk in favor of the coconut milk. I’ll keep you posted with the results…

  6. OK, finished the second half. I bloomed the jello in 1/2 cup cold water then dissolved it in 1/2 cup boiling water. In accordance with the initial recipe (an extra 1 cup of water +14 oz of condensed milk = 22 oz of liquid) I added 11 oz of sweetened coconut milk (the kind you use in a piña colada) and 11 oz coconut rum. It tasted really good. It wasn’t quite as white as the condensed milk version but you still get the “grout” feeling from it. I’ll report on the flavor/texture results tomorrow.

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