Weekend Highlights

I saw some adorable things this past week in the link parties! 
Like this Sunburst Mirror at Ashley White Interior Design. I have all the stuff to make one, I think it might be going on my craft to-do list!
And these Easter Eggs at Emmmy Lizzzy. She used things like grape juice and tea to dye them, and got her designs by strapping leaves and flowers to the eggs! Talk about creative!
And now that I’ve seen this Ruffle Dress at Utah County Mom, I don’t think I can resist making it for Emma! It looks so simple!
This Sunflower Peeps cake at Simply Sweet Home is perfect for a spring or Easter get together!
I keep telling myself that I’m going to make Emma some bibs. Maybe these bibs at Paws and Re-thread will give me the inspiration!
And I never realized a petti-romper could be so easy to make! I’ve got a new niece arriving this summer, hmm… Go check it out at Women Who Do It All!

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