Little wooden jewelry box – DONE!

I finally finished the little wooden jewelry box! I actually got the painting done a couple weeks ago, but when I taped off the drawers, paint leaked under the tape, and there was a lot of touch up work to be done. So I finally got it done, and I got pictures taken. 
First I had to peel out the ugly velvet from the inside of the drawers. It was glued in with some crazy industrial glue, and was horrible to get out. I ended up chiseling away at it with a knife, and then soaking the drawers in water, and scraping the rest off. Once the drawers were dry, I painted the insides a pretty turquoise color. 
 I roughed up the outside with some sand paper, then wiped it down with a damp cloth. I taped off the drawers so that only the face would get painted. I stuffed the inside with balled up paper so it didn’t get sprayed.
The handles came off pretty easily. To paint the handles, I stuck them through a piece of card stock, then gave them 3 coats of spray paint. They had tabs that go through the drawer, so it was easy to remove them and mount them to paint.
I didn’t have any scrapbook paper I liked for this project. So I got on Google, found a design I liked, altered it, changed colors, ect, and printed it. Then I cut out pieces to fit the top of the dresser and inside the drawers, and Mod Podged them in place! I love the look of it. I can’t believe that I never thought about printing designs to Mod Podge. Duh!

I love the way the jewelry box turned out. Emma seems to be fascinated by it.


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