I’m baaaaccckkk

So you may have noticed a gigantic gap from my last post to this one. There’s a number of reasons for that! At first I just wanted to start up a new blog. I was noticing that a lot of my posts were related to food, and this blog just screams crafts. So I switched over to WordPress for my new blog Never Trust a Skinny Baker. After a while though, I lost interest in it. A huge reason for that was my decision to lose weight last summer (35 lbs and counting!) and a big change in the way I eat. I could have continued to write about recipes and healthy eating, but quite honestly, the less I think about food, the better!

That’s about the time I started up my third blog. I wanted to incorporate a lot of new things into it, but I had forgotten how much effort it takes to start up a blog! The blogging part is easy, but directing traffic is the hard part. I didn’t get far into my new blog before I decided to switch back to this one. I checked back at my Crafty Mama blog and was shocked to see I was still pulling in around 10,000 hits per month even though I hadn’t posted in MONTHS! It took a while to get things figured out, but eventually I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, and figured out how to redirect any traffic from my old url to this one.

In the meantime, I’ve been raising two hellions. I’m not sure if everyone’s children are as wild as mine, but they are into everything! Emma just turned 3 (rainbow party pics to follow!) and Charlie is 16 months. I swear they gang up on me and try to drive me out of the house! I’m dealing with the next Bonnie and Clyde here.

Charlie has caused some technical difficulties lately.

It seems like every time I turned my back, he’s trying to get at my laptop! (Notice the broken shade in the background) After prying numerous keys off my laptop, I finally decided to get a new one. My old Acer was on it’s way out the door. Not only was it increasingly difficult to type on a keyboard with few keys, my wireless was broken, and it was getting slower by the day. I made the switch from a PC to a Mac and I couldn’t be happier! I’m growing ever fonder of these Apple products! The switch was much easier than I expected (thanks to my techie husband!) and I’m all warmed up to it. It may take a couple more weeks before I get the kinks all figured out, but I expect to get back into the whole blogging business again.

Some things you can expect to see soon:

  • SILHOUETTE PROJECTS! I got my new Silhouette Cameo a few months ago and I am in LOOOOVVVEEEE. It’s everything I dreamed it could be. The software is easy to use once you take the time to learn it, and you can make ANYTHING with it! I’ve done decals for my laptop (need a new one now!), our car, my Kindle, and numerous other things. I’m excited to share all the awesome projects I’ve done with it! Does anyone have advice on how to share an Silhouette file? I’d love to share my files with my readers, but I have no idea how to do that. I guess I’ll have to figure that out soon!
  • Rainbow party! Emma turned 3 this past week and we threw an awesome rainbow party for her! I made a 7 layer rainbow cake, and it turned out more gorgeous than I ever could have expected! The kids had a blast.

Any readers who have managed to stick with me through my absence, thank you! I hope to get out some awesome projects soon and keep you coming back for more!


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