Graduation Party

Alright, so I’ve finally got some time to share some of the graduation food. In my last post I mentioned that I was catering my nephew’s open house. Things went pretty well. We had less turn out than the previous year (my niece’s open house), so we ended up having lots of food left over. But with some stinkin’ huge batches of Delicious Dirt, who minds a few leftovers?


I made chocolate, vanilla, and carrot cupcakes.


I made a couple batches of the Mosaic Jello using his school colors. This time I substituted the sweetened condensed milk for Silk coconut milk. It worked out awesome! It had a much lighter taste to it.



Little graduation hats made from Reese’s and chocolate covered graham crackers. img_5689

Also on the menu: Delicious Dirt (it’s this fabulous pudding/oreo dessert that has cream cheese and butter and DELICIOUSNESS in it), veggie pizza, potato salad, egg salad, and ham roll ups.

Overall it was a lot of work, but it was a lot of fun!


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