Blanket fort done right


Today Emma and I decided to build a blanket fort. A while back I saw one similar to this but made with sheets of plastic and duct tape. I decided to do mine with blankets and safety pins/clothes pins. We’ve made this kind of fort a few times before, and I’m slowly perfecting it. I’d really like to buy a couple King size sheets and sew them together. It would be nice to have something that more permanent and durable. And the less air that leaks out, the poofier it is! Last time we made it, I put it on the floor in the living room but it was really uncomfortable to sit in for too long, so this time I put it on the BED! Nice and bouncy and soooo comfortable! Next time I think we’ll add balls. For Christmas the kids got a ball pit with over 400 balls in it, I think it would be fun to throw all of those balls in here and let them jump! DIY bounce house! And for summer, this is so much fun because with the fan, it stays nice and breezy. Heck, I might leave this up all day and sleep in here tonight.


Take 2 large sheets or sheets of plastic and pin/sew/tape together 3 sides.

Put a fan at the one open side and pin the blankets around it.

Leave enough room to get in and out. Close the final opening with cloths pins (easily removed for quickly running in and out)






3 thoughts on “Blanket fort done right

  1. Oh wow.. its been a killer hot summer where I am and I dont have air conditioning in the room I sleep. I do have a fan though. Although I am a 22 year old adult I think I might try this for MYSELF to sleep in at night. It’d be better to have a circulating air flow rather then the fan just blowing on you and going off to rustle papers.

    And, when I do sleep in the room that has Air conditioning I don’t like when other people is in the room (I still live at home, yes) so this would be PERFECT for added privacy!

    If it works good I have a number of flat sheets for both twin and full sized beds I could sew together lol

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