My first wedding cake!

As promised, here are pictures of my very first 3 tiered cake! The cake was for a 50th anniversary, and it was a replica cake. Here is a picture of the original cake.

And here is my cake.

I ended up doing white sour cream cake with raspberry filling. The reason you don’t see the raspberry filling oozing out the sides is because there’s a dam of frosting to keep it in. This picture would have looked a lot more delicious if you could see that oozing raspberry filling!

Chocolate sour cream cake with a whipped chocolate ganache filling.

All of this was topped off with a classic buttercream icing.

The cakes turned out SO perfect. I used the tip of baking them at 325 instead of 350 and they baked up nice and flat. I didn’t even need to level them! That was kind of disappointing though, because when you level a cake, you get to eat the part you cut off! So I actually never got to taste this cake (only the batter, which was AMAZING), but I hear it was pretty good!


I used this method for smoothing the frosting, and it worked great! I didn’t have any smooth textured paper towels on hand, so I used printer paper. Not quite as flexible, but it worked just as amazingly as the other method!




When all was said and done, they added some wild flowers, and here is the final product!


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