Cornbread salad


This recipe is an invention of my mother’s. I have no idea what the original recipe looked like, but it only barely resembles the recipes I found online for southern Cornbread Salad. She made a number of changes to the recipe to suit her tastes, and I’m glad she did! It turned out amazing. I made it for my family a couple weeks ago and it is a new favorite!

What You’ll Need:

Cornbread (whatever your favorite recipe is)
Half of a yellow bell pepper (diced)
15 oz. can of corn
15 oz. can of black beans
4 tomatoes (diced)
Half a head of Lettuce (chopped)
An 8 oz. bottle of ranch
3 oz. package of real bacon crumbles (or a few strips crumbled)
16 oz. Shredded cheddar cheese

Prepare your cornbread batter. Add the bell peppers to your cornbread batter and stir in. Bake it in a 8×8 inch pan until done.
Let the cornbread cool and prep your ingredients. Dice your tomatoes and lettuce, and cut the cornbread into 1 inch cubes.
In a large bowl, layer your ingredients. You’ll want to layer it twice, so only use half of each ingredient. It should look like this.
Cornbread, beans, corn, tomatoes, lettuce, ranch, bacon, cheese, cornbread, beans, corn tomatoes, lettuce, ranch, bacon, cheese.
Chill in the fridge and serve.

This is seriously one of the best things I’ve ever tasted! It’s a perfect dish to take to a party, or just at the dinner table. YUM.


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