Mini snow globe


I saw this idea a while ago on Pinterest (isn’t that how almost all of my posts start?) You can really do anything you like with these, trees, little figurines, snowflake confetti. I had an assortment of beads sitting in my craft room from broken necklaces and other craft projects.

To make the snowman, I used 3 assorted size white beads, hot glued together. The hat was a black button an a small black bead. His little scarf is a snippet of sparkly ribbon. Everything is held together with hot glue (I figure it won’t dissolve in water) and I added glitter for snow. The snowman is glued to the lid of a baby food jar. I think my little snowmen turned out pretty cute!

It’s such a cute little craft! My kids are still a little young to help with this (with a hot glue gun involved) but I think it would be a lot of fun for kids ages 4 and up.


20121204-123207 20121204-123213


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