Wholly Guacamole! I mean, salsa.


Have you tried any of the Wholly Guacamole products? A couple weeks ago my mother in law gave me a tub of salsa to try. It had Mango, Red peppers, and cilantro, and it was really sweet and spicy! I fell in love at first taste. But I couldn’t find it anywhere! I checked a couple of our local grocery stores, but no luck. Well, today I finally went to Kroger. Usually I don’t shop there, but I figured it was a last resort. And guess what? I found it! It was in the produce section, and it was half off because it was near expiration! I bought 3 tubs of it. And yeah, it may very well be GONE before it expires. It’s THAT good.

But apparently cilantro is an acquired taste. The first time I tasted it, I fell in love. The first time I put it in my cooking, my husband hated it. My daughter also hates it, along with my mother in law (hence the reason why she gave me this cilantro filled salsa). It stinks that I can’t share my love of cilantro (along with cilantro filled recipes) with my family, but hey, who am I to complain that I don’t have to share my salsa?



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