Kitchen reveal!

Alright, ladies (and gents)! The time has come for my big kitchen reveal! And it is long overdue. We finished the kitchen a few weeks ago, but it hasn’t been clean enough to take picture since. Our house has been in constant remodeling mode, so there has been paint, tools, and junk everywhere. I finally got around to clearing it all out (okay, so I just moved it to the dining room table temporarily) to take pictures. Are you ready?

Here’s the before.

IMG_8957 IMG_8958

These were taken right after moving in, so there’s stuff everywhere!)

Here’s the after.


Holy moly! It’s like 2 different kitchens.

Here’s what we did. We replaced the floors. There was carpet in the kitchen (don’t ask me why), so we replaced it with Resilient Vinyl Flooring.


We painted the walls in this gorgeous color. I think we found the perfect plum color, not too red, and not too purple. You’ll see in the photos that it looks different depending on the light.


We chose the wall color to match my favorite Ikea rug!


And we painted the cabinets using Cabinet Transformations (without the provided glaze).

IMG_0137F IMG_0093F

IMG_0091F IMG_0095F

You’ll also notice that we got new appliances, but I wouldn’t exactly include that in the “remodel”, that was just a necessary upgrade. The kitchen would still look awesome with the old white appliances!

IMG_0142F IMG_0139F IMG_0132F IMG_0109F IMG_0113F



Bonus picture, of my handsome little kitty!


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