The big Facebook debate (and why aren’t people seeing my posts?)

Facebook is a fantastic way of monitoring blog fans, sharing posts with fans, and seeing posts from other blogs and businesses I like. Well, it used to be. Did you know that you’re not seeing tons of posts from pages that you’ve liked? How would you know that you’re not seeing them, you don’t even miss them!

Facebook has a handy little spot on each one of my pages to see who I’m reaching. The most recent post that I made on Facebook was only seen by 135 people. 135 out of the 1591 people who have liked my blog page. That’s less than 10 percent! Now what is the point of liking a page if you’re probably not going to see the posts. Most of the time that I “like” a page is when I’m reading through a blog and love it, so I click the “like” page on the side of the blog, so that I can see future posts. I then navigate away from the page, and there is a huge chance that I’m never going to see a post from them.

Now you might be wondering why Facebook is doing this. On my end, I can see it quite clearly. There is a big button that says “advertise this post”. It tells me how much I can spend, and how many people I will reach with each chunk of cash. I can advertise the post to people who haven’t like my page at all (yeah, that would be all the random businesses that show up in your newsfeed, and you think, hey, I didn’t like this page!) It seems to be about bringing in money. (A little off topic, but have you recently tried sending a message to someone not on your friends list? A notification pops up telling you that it will automatically go into their “other” folder unless you pay $1 for it to go into their inbox. Who checks their other folder?)

So far with all my googling, I haven’t found a fix for this. The best solution I have for you is this. Add my page to your “interests” list. Here’s how.

Go to my page. If you’re one of the lucky 8.5% of my readers, this post will pop up in your newsfeed and you can work from there. If not, just go to my Facebook page here. Hover over the name.

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 8.59.34 AM

Hover over “liked” and select “new list” (unless you already have a list, in which case you can add it to an existing list)

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 8.59.49 AM

Choose a name for your new list

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 8.59.57 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 9.00.13 AM

And click done. This should now show up on the left side of your newsfeed, down near the bottom under “Interests”.

I have no idea if the pages you add to your interests actually show up in your newsfeed, but you can click on your list to see all the pages you add to it. I suggest going through all the pages you have liked (you can access that from your profile) and adding them to your interest list. That way on a daily or weekly basis, you can browse through all the new posts from all of your liked pages.

And if anyone has tips on getting these pages to show up in your newsfeed, PLEASE leave suggestions in the comments!

(also, whatever happened to the whole “subscribe” thing? I can’t seem to find an option to subscribe to posts from pages I already “like”)

Another way to see posts from me is to Follow me on Pinterest (the button is on the right side of my blog). I post all of my recipes to my “Crafty Mama Food” board, along with tons of other stuff! You can pick and choose which boards to follow, so that you don’t get weighed down with tons of things that you don’t want to see. Now, this is no substitute for seeing my posts in your newsfeed (especially if I’m only posting something random, like a did a few days ago, instead of a recipe that can be pinned). But I hope it helps!


4 thoughts on “The big Facebook debate (and why aren’t people seeing my posts?)

  1. If you just send them to our e mail, as we have requested, wouldn’t this be sufficient? I am almost computer illiterate, so excuse this if it doesn’t apply to your problems

  2. You work hard to bring fans to your page, only to be solicited to “boost your post” so your fans can see the postings from the page THEY ALREADY LIKED with the intention of seeing those said postings.

    Absolutely and utterly insane.

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