Strawberry Raspberry Bellini


Summer is almost here, and the hot weather is upon us. What better way to end your day than a frozen cocktail?


What You’ll Need:
1 cup Frozen fruit (or fresh fruit and ice)
1 cup Wine (I preferred to use the White Zinfandel I had on hand)
Sugar or simple syrup to taste (optional)

Just add the ingredients to your blender, and blend for 1-2 minutes. Pour into a cup, prop your feet up, and enjoy.


For this recipe, I used frozen strawberries and raspberries. It gave the drink the most amazing red color. Not only was is delicious, it was gorgeous to look at as well! For frozen drinks, I always use frozen fruit rather than ice, because it retains it’s flavor much better and doesn’t get watered down as it melts. It also gives the drink a better texture (sometimes you get a chunky ice texture if the drink isn’t blended properly).