Easy Lemon Water Fix

IMG_1605If you’ve been a long-time reader of my blog, you know that I love my freezer. My favorite time saving routine is to make things in bulk and throw the extra in the freezer for later.

This summer I had the idea to do the same with lemons! I love drinking lemon water, but I never have lemons on hand. Healthy habits work a lot better when they’re convenient. So that’s precisely what I did with my lemons.

To start: wash your lemons thoroughly. You never know what kind of germs and bacteria are lingering on the skin of the lemon.




Dice them up into quarters or eighths, depending on preference. I chose to quarter mine.

Bag them up, and freeze them. Unlike most fruits, I haven’t had issues with these freezing in a giant clump. Just try to lay them out flat in the bag to freeze. After about 2 hours, move them around inside the bag and lay them flat again to finish freezing.





Fruit will last months in the freezer, ready to grab whenever you need it! Now you’ll have pre-frozen lemons to add to your water bottle before heading off for your day. Being healthy is never this easy!





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