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  1. Katy, I came a cross your blog by searching on line. I received a Cameo for Christmas. It wasn’t part of a bundle so it only came with tha cutting blade, mat and DVDs. I know I want to creat some vinyl projects and some clothing heat transfer projects. I’m also curious where the least expensive place is to purchas supplies. I’m a little lost as what I should do and what I should spend money on if you could please send me some advie I’d appreciate it. Thank you in advance.


  2. Hi Katy. I was wondering if you knew how to take a screen shot of something you’ve created on silhouette. I’d like to send a picture of what I’ve done so far, so my sister in law can have a look and make any changes before finishing, so thought I’d ask you.
    thanks for any help you can offer. I tried the bull zip crap and all it did was flood my computer with more crap. I’m hoping there is a better /simpler way

    thanks bunches,
    debbie cadene

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