Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

I’ve been making hard boiled eggs for a while. For Egg salad, deviled eggs, or just to eat plain. And every single time, I’ve had to think ahead. Usually with hard boiling eggs, you need to use old eggs. Old eggs will separate from the membrane and peel easily. If you use fresh eggs to hard boil, you’ll end up with a horrible mess; egg whites stuck to shell, shells in your dish, not a pretty sight! But my mom recently taught me a trick that works AMAZINGLY!

Stick your eggs in cool water, and make sure that they’re covered with about an inch of water.

Add a few tablespoons (2 or so) of baking soda to the water! I did roughly 2 Tbsp for each dozen of eggs that I boiled.

Turn them on high heat, cover, and wait for them to boil.

Once they start boiling, set the timer for a minute. Make sure they’re not just simmering a little. Wait for a good rolling boil to start. Don’t let the bubbles fool you, baking soda does that. Temp the water if you need to. Let them boil for one minute, and then turn the heat off. Keep them covered.

Let them sit like this for about 10 minutes. Usually if you forget them for a little while, it’s not a huge deal. Once I left them for 45 minutes and they still turned out really well!

Pour most of the hot water out of the pot and flood it with cold water. Replace the cold water after it warms up a little. This will help the eggs cool quickly.

When the eggs are cool and you’re ready to peel them, crack one on the counter top, give it a roll to break the rest of the shell, then submerge it under the water and give it a light squeeze. This will force water between the egg and membrane and help it peel even easier. The shells practically slide off!

Here’s the result.


No grey ring around the edges, perfect yellow inside. Looks like a perfect hard boiled egg!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. so technically these are only supposed to “boil” for 1 minute. the rest of the time the water is warming up and then cooling down? am i understanding this right?? what if i wanted soft boiled eggs or even medium boiled eggs?? how would i go about that?

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