Easy Christmas Craft: Snowman Fridge


Happy almost December! It’s officially after Thanksgiving, which means time to gear up for Christmas! Today the kids and I broke out the Christmas tree, lights, and Nativity. Emma watched the Veggie Tales Christmas special and we listened to Christmas music. And we even got our first snow flurries today!

I’ve seen this snowman craft online before, and it’s SO easy! Emma had lots of fun helping me with this one.

You start with black circles. You can use black paper and tape if you’d like, but since I’ve got my Silhouette, I just used vinyl. Plus, vinyl is sturdier than construction paper, and the kids will have a harder time destroying it.

I used 2 large circles, about 4 inches in diameter; and about 12 smaller circles, about 2 inches in diameter. The nose and scarf were just cut out of craft paper and taped on. And the hat is held on with little fridge magnets. The prep work for the project only took 10 minutes or so. Quick, simple, and the kids love it! It also looks adorable and not too tacky. ๐Ÿ˜‰

20121123-151722a 20121123-151742



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